A typical Finop Solution engagement includes the following services I will perform on behalf on your firm:

  • I will register with FINRA as your firm’s Series 27 FINOP, assuming financial responsibility for your firm’s compliance with the complex regulatory requirements set forth in SEC Rule 15c3-1. With years of experience in successful communications with FINRA representatives, I will be your firm’s liaison on financial and net capital matters.
  • I will convert or establish your firms accounting records into QuickBooks Online Version. Your firm’s designated personnel will enter basic daily bookkeeping transactions. I will monitor and review your firm’s input of transactions to ensure net capital compliance. I will prepare and enter necessary adjusting journal entries and reconciliations based on your firm’s bank, clearing and settlement statements to ensure all accounting data is presented in accordance with industry standards and Generally Accepted Accounting Principals (GAAP).
  • I will compute and monitor your firm’s net capital in accordance with SEC Rule 15c3-1. I will prepare and electronically submit your firm’s FOCUS reports on a periodic basis as required.
  • I will gather relevant information and electronically submit your firm’s annual Schedule I as required by FINRA.
  • I will serve as your firm’s liaison with outside auditors during your firm’s required annual audit.
  • I will assist prospective Broker-Dealers seeking FINRA approval. For one flat reasonable fee, I will supply all necessary FINOP-related information to FINRA and assist with FINOP-related requests during the approval process. Regular monthly billing will not commence until your firm has been approved to start Broker-Dealer operations.